Thursday, November 13, 2014

Walk to Remember: Part 2

I am still reading A Walk to Remember and so far I am enjoying it. After watching the trailer, I can predict lots of the characters personalities. There are not some characters that are developed. But all the characters develop in their own way. (Especially the main characters) I understand the character's thought and a little of there past.

After some time the book started to slow down and get in every small detail. That style of writing is not what I can read. All of Nicholas Sparks Book’s, are very detailed. This book however, was very different from the rest. It was structured in only one of the characters perspective for multiple chapters in a row. Usually Sparks alternates so you can understand both sides. Being a in guy’s perspective for so long was very boring and blunt. He portrayed the guy checking out girls’ majority of the time and describing there “body structure”. I understand that, some guys think like that but I don’t think Sparks should write in that perspective/ topic for a long time.

Even though, I didn’t really enjoy the book, I really want to see the movie. Like I said before [in blog post 8], I watched the trailer and hope to enjoy the movie better. I went onto YouTube, and found lots of scenes people enjoyed in the movie. I particularly love the scene where he stands up for Jamie and is not afraid to be seen with her in public. That was when they’re connection sparked.