Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Song writer Helps Kids Summon Courage to stop bullies By: Krista Ramsey

       The article was sharing a man, Keenan West a songwriter goes on a national tour to different schools talking about stopping bullies. He makes songs and shows kids at assemblies and also shows stories of different kids that have been bullied which inspires lots of other high schoolers to stop bullying as well.

URL to the article: Song Writer Helps Kids Summon Courage to Stop Bullies

Best written lines:

" Now the gym has become as quiet and still as an SAT testing sit. As West describes instances of cyber-bullying and intimidation, some students' heads go down, perhaps in a moment of self-examination. Other students – some seated apart from their peers – show keen interest, as if West were telling their story."

It's the best written line because, Krista creates humor in the sentences even though it's a serious topic. When she applies humor to the sentences it also creates a stronger effect and helps connect the reader to Krista's thoughts and emotions. These sentences also tell the reader to start thinking about their life and choices they've made. These words really impact the reader, it has good diction as well. The words are wisely chosen to give a better impact to the reader and carry out the message clearly.

Ramsey writes in a persuasive method, influencing the reader to support her opinions. She is a great argumentative writer. She also has great use of syntax and diction. In her article, For better vision, 

kids need time outdoors, she exclaims "But before parents claw back the iPhones, experts say that the
problem may not lie in the technology itself, but the amount of time spent on it, the environment in which it's used and the activities its replacing." This shows how well Ramsey can persuade an audience by stating an issue but also a solution or suggestion. Also, in Super Bowl QB's score points for great style, Ramsey shows that the style of words give a great meaning and can wrap it into a good present. " In fact, it's interesting how often the best turned-out  person in the room has one of the lowest salaries." In Song writer helps kids summon courage to stop bullies, Ramsey writes, "Now the gym has become as quiet and still as an SAT testing site." This shows that she also wrote in a way that makes you feel like your there, at the event.

If I were able to meet Krista Ramsey, I would ask her 3 questions:

1) How did you start your career as a columnist?

2) When did you get the passion to write?

3) What's your favorite topic to write in for an article?