Sunday, November 16, 2014

The One: The Selection

I started to read the book The One: The Selection Series and actually finished the book in less than a week. Do you know when you read a book and no matter what you can’t stop reading it? Well this book did that to me. I read the book till 2 in the morning every day until I finished it and was satisfied. The book and series had a good ending and I felt like it was well written and didn’t “rip me off” like other authors have done to their series that I have read. I was content and left with mixed emotions like every author should.

This book/ series where there was a system to pick a queen. It is similar to the bachelor. Funny huh? A 17 year old prince that has never been in love, or had a crush has to pick 1 girl out of 17 beautiful ones to be his wife and rule the country. America happened to be one of those girls. She was form a lower class but once the prince laid his eyes on her, he knew he was in love. In this book she was one of the final girls to be nominated to be queen. While the Selection was going on, lots of violence/ politics from northern and southern rebels kept the prince on his feet. From the selection, to the countless deaths happening in society the prince must juggle everything and find the next queen. A lot happens in this book and I don’t want to spoil it. :)

I recommend this book to people who enjoy romance and like watching the bachelor/bachelorette. It’s intense and has many plot twists, like a guy from America’s past and the threats from the king. That might sound confusing, but if want to know more, read the book! The series is a great and the talent of the writer dragging the reader in tends to amaze me. Cass has been able to use people’s emotions and write the books very well.