Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Last Song

                I recently read the book the The Last Song. The book was about a 17 year old girl named Veronica “Ronnie” whose parents are divorced and her father moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. Ronnie felt anger since her father left her. Her father was a former pianist and traveled to play at different places. He also taught to multiple students including Ronnie. The piano was part of her life when she was little. It was a thing she shared with her father. Once he left, she threw it into the past. She got accepted into Julliard, a high educational music school only the top best could get into. She is declined it because she never wanted to remember the past. The summer after senior year, her mother told her she had to go visit her father. Ronnie hated that, she didn’t want to see her father’s face after he left her. Her mother forced her and told her she had to go.

               When she got to her father’s house, she hated it at the beginning. She soon started to like it at her father’s place. She made friends, became closer to her father again and she met Will, her first love. She had fallen in love with the “beach hottie” and later she found out the he isn’t just good looks and personality. He has a story she could relate to. But when she first went to Wilmington she became friends with a girl nicknamed as Blaze. She wasn’t the nicest girl and she had friends who broke the law all the time. Like her “boyfriend” Marcus. He is ruthless, selfish, penurious, and alone. He always wanted to get Ronnie (just to use her) and tend to scare people away.

 Ronnie managed to get away from Marcus and change Blaze’s personality for the better. After having a wonderful summer, at the end of all the happiness, her father fell very ill. Ronnie soon began to unravel all the secrets her parents had kept from her and finally forgiven her father. Her father passed away at the end of the summer and in honor to keep his memory in her heart she attended Julliard. Her father and Ronnie’s dream came true. She moved back to New York and studied music while her love, Will moved the other direction to Vanderbilt. Separating was hard for them. It all happened while her father was sick which hurt Ronnie even more. At the end of the book Will and Ronnie had a happy ending. Will came to visit her in Julliard and came with a surprise. His mother let him change colleges to one in New York. He got to live with Ronnie and that was how she got the happiness she deserved.

I really enjoyed this book because it gave a message to the reader. Second Chances. I love this book. Nicholas Sparks is an amazing author and he has a way with words. When her father died, I became an emotional train wreck and poured down tears. If an author can do that with simple words, imagine how good the movie is!