Sunday, October 12, 2014


I recently started a few pages in the book Delirium. It’s about a society where the government makes the citizens believe that the love is a terrible thing. Having sympathy and care for your children was terrible too. If you were happy and fell in love they would kill you or imprison you till death. There is this girl, it’s her turn to be examined by government officials to see if she has the “disease” but in the middle of her examination, and rebels break into the examination center and create havoc.

I have only read very little of this book but I really enjoy it. It sounds interesting, like the concept of the government controlling what the citizens think and the citizens don’t realize anything or can’t think for themselves. It is similar to the Hunger Games but the citizen realize what the government doing is wrong. But so far, I enjoy the book.

Some questions I have for the author are: What time period is this book set in? , Why does the main character’s friend acts all weird before her examination? , and who is the rebellions who break in? I need more information on the group. I can’t wait to read the rest of the book! here is the Trailer to the Movie! :)