Wednesday, May 13, 2015

English Final Blog Reflection

Sadly, this will be my last English post for my freshman year. Time flew by so quickly. 

          Reflecting back on how I wrote and grew this year as a writer, I would have to say my 2015 best blog post would have to be, To Kill a Mockingbird: Post 2Link to blog post: I think this post exemplifies my best literary/textual writing because I tie in not only the understanding of the book, but as well as the theme of the book. The author's most important message is the theme so when the reader can identify the theme the author's goal is achieved. Some textual evidence to support my thought is: 
"There are multiple lessons in the book that are very important. It also shows how segregation was like back in that time period. Some of the themes in the book are:
  1.  The Coexistence of Good and Evil
  2.  The Importance of Moral Education
  3.  The Existence of Social Inequality "
                   This shows how I can identify the theme within the book and I can explain how the themes pertain the book (history of segregation). I also put a link that shows the depth of the themes. I also agree with what the other reader wrote about the themes. Overall the blog post is well written given the fact that the way the author wrote the book is a little challenging to understand. Harper Lee uses different phrases and historical significance's that the readers should know before hand.

                   One thing I struggled through this experience was what to write about for the book. I wasn't sure what to write 3 paragraphs on without boring the reader. Maybe the reason for that was because I didn't read some good books that I actually enjoyed. I couldn't find books that really drew my attention in to every small detail. I enjoyed lots of books but by the end of the year I completely ran out of books that I wanted to read badly. A way to overcome that weakness is to collaborate with my friends and ask what are some good books they enjoyed and further my research to my perspective. But 1 strength I believe I succeeded in finding during this experience was when I found a really good book, and described it's deeper meaning. Like all the Nicholas Sparks books I read this year, i found a deeper meaning the author was trying to convey and shared that in my blog posts. (even my mom liked it :D ) So I believe that was one strength in my writing.

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