Sunday, December 14, 2014

We Were Liars: Part 2

               I started continued to read the book We Were Liars and the main character has it worse. After the accident, she has this brain issue where she forgets everything and asks the same question over and over again. All her loved ones think she’s crazy and stays away from her. She is isolated from everyone. She feels like she has no purpose to life. So she slowly gives each one of her belongings away until she has nothing so when she dies, she doesn't need to give anything to her family.

               I feel the desperation and loneliness of the main character. The author writes the emotions of the main character very well. You can connect to the character and feel empathy because she turns the character into a real human. The way she brings the character to life with realistic problems is amazing. That is a great way to connect with the reader. It helps the reader hook on to the book.

               The main character sees well in the world, but she thinks she doesn't belong because everyone tells her she can’t. I have attached an article showing how teenagers get lonely and how suicide is what they look on doing as their next course of action like main character in this book is deciding.