Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Sea of Tranquiltiy

 I read the book called The Sea of Tranquility over the summer. The touching story was about a girl named Natsya. Natsya was a beautiful, talented girl who was a prodigy at the piano. Until the day she was raped. She was mistaken for the wrong girl and that simple mistake the boy made, changed Natsya’s life forever. She lost her talent, the piano, her identity, her family, her will to live, the ability to have children, and her voice. She became alone. She was broken. Then, she transfer’s schools and meets a guy named Josh Bennett. Josh lost everyone. All of his loved ones have died. His parents in a car crash, his grandfather from old age, and his friends left him. After his loved ones died, they left him with over 1.5 million dollars. After his losses and finding out his name is a synonym to death, he never believed in love, until he met Natsya.

 After reading this riveting story about how Natsya and Josh, and how they both lose themselves but find their true self when meeting each other amazes me what love can do. Katja Millay (the author) did a wonderful job one portraying two broken characters that at the end they become new people. Also, the author wrote about getting second chances and how you should use them wisely. I found out that this story is similar what the author went through. When I heard that it amazes how someone could go through that. I really enjoyed this book and it is now one of my top favorite books of all time. I would recommend it to people who enjoy Romance novels.

 Overall, my favorite character from the book is Josh Bennett. He always has determination and never gives up especially if it involves Natsya. He always sees optimism in everything, even in the worst times too. One of the main reasons I love his role/character because he’s a gentlemen. You can never find good gentlemen these days. But Josh Bennett, he’s a sentimental, caring, realist and by far the best realistic character formed in the book. Josh, a lonely boy and Natsya, an emotional fragile girl show readers the miracle of second chances and take on challenges together and their not alone anymore.
         This book is so rich, intense, realistic and well written and by far one of the best books I've read.
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